Joy Barker is an amazing woman who has a very kind, perceptive nature.  Joy has connected easily with highly evolved spiritual beings, such as the Angels and the Archangels, on my behalf.   I've also been the fortunate recipient of her Love-filled, powerful Reiki from which I've experienced immediate improvement.  Furthermore, Joy is a discerning spiritual medium whose accuracy I've enjoyed and witnessed.  Joy’s dedication to being a spiritual and metaphysical healer is apparent, and I've been richly blessed to have my life's path cross with hers.   ~ Jheri, Arizona

My readings with Joy have been amazing!  I feel a deep connection with spirit during our time together.  The information given has been accurate and precise,  Her service to humanity by allowing spirit to guide her inspires me along my path as I know it will you, as you choose your time together with her.  I highly recommend this experience--an amazing blessing awaits!!! ~ Robin, California

More to come. . . .